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The attorneys and support teams at Doyle Quane Family Law Group form one of the most powerful teams in Northern California. The combination of Family Law, Trust & Estates, and Forensic Accounting under one roof empowers us to handle the most complex cases.

Operating for over 30 years, we’ve helped settle hundreds of cases covering literally every scenario. In addition to our experience, we leverage top-tier technology and are motivated to keep getting better.

As a result, our clients have ease of mind knowing we can help them navigate through difficult circumstances.

Dan Quane and Terry Doyle

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For help with your legal and financial issues related to divorce, spousal support, property division, child support, child custody, divorce mediation, and more, browse our California Divorce Guide.

Divorce Guide

Trusts & Estates

For help with your legal and financial issues related to estate planning, trust administration, probate, premarital agreements, and more, browse our Trusts & Estates resources.

Trusts & Estates

Client Testimonials

Without hesitation, I Highly Recommend that you use Daniel Quane as your Trust Attorney.
~ Steve & Kathy A.

They were very accommodating with various meeting times and extremely easy to work with.
~ Kyle C.

Dan and Darcy were very easy to work with and helped us put in place a complete estate plan that gives us peace of mind that our estate will be managed per our instructions and not by the courts.
~ Bob S.

Dan differentiated himself from the other attorneys we consulted by immediately understanding what we wanted. He delivered what we wanted with minimal revision and for the fee we agreed to.
~ Brian H.

My Trust was delivered beautifully and I can rest knowing my financial affairs are in order.
~ Katherine D.

But what perhaps stands out most is his meticulous attention to detail, coupled with long-term advice.
~ Susan S.

When I had questions, he was always available either by phone or email.  He was a nice man to work with and made it a positive experience for me.
~ Vickie K.

I am now retired but in the past I owned three businesses and had over 1000 employees and during my business life I had experience with many law firms. I rank Daniel Quane as good as the very best.
~ Stewart B.

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Trusts & Estates Articles

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